Property Managers

Sliding Doors Repaired - Have them slide like new!

Sliding Door Specialists provides a prompt, efficient and cost effective repairs for all types of sliding doors for Property Managers, Rental Property Agents, Construction companies and Real Estate companies.

  • Property Managers: Have your sliding doors repaired, and then regularly serviced so they are always running smoothly and their life is maximized


  • Construction Companies: Have all your doors adjusted and working smoothly before handing over to your client


  • Real Estate Firms: Have sliding doors adjusted / repaired so the property makes the best impression with potential purchasers.
  • Motels / Hotels: We can promptly fix all your sliding door problems so your room is unavailable for rent for the minimum time. Many Motels / Hotels find it makes sense to enter into a maintenance contract, and we will ensure your sliding doors are always working perfectly.

Sliding Door Specialists can be relied on to;

  • Show up on time, as promised
  • Leave the work space cleaner than we found it
  • Save you money, by getting the specialists in first you get the job 'done right first time'


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